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Stop getting lost in time and improve your development workflow with the ideal browser for web designers and developers.


Stop Wasting Time And Speed Up Your Development Workflow With The Perfect Browser For Web Developers And Designers

Making your website truly user-friendly and responsive is a challenge. It is difficult to make your site responsive and accessible. the most well-known web browsers have limitations for design and development goals. Unless you can make use of a native mobile browser, you’ll never be able to simulate the actual devices or sync the scrolling positions and take full-page images and identify where the bottlenecks are.

Sizzy is a web browser designed specifically to be responsive in design and development. It assists you in making your website fast, responsive and easy to access while increasing the speed of your development workflow by 5x, and ensuring that your website looks great across all devices.

This tool comes with some amazing capabilities that make the anxiety about testing your site across multiple platforms an issue from the past.

Let’s find out.

Never Resize Your Browser Again

Simulate real devices, utilize your CSS breakpoints that are responsive, or select your own sizes. No resizing is required.

Everything Is In Sync

The keyboard and mouse actions are synced across all your views. Click, scroll or navigate to a new URL, and all devices will be able to follow.Sizzy Deal Lifetime Exclusive Deal

Take Beautiful Screenshots The Proper Way, Fast & Easy

Snap a photo of the viewport currently in use, or of the entire website. You can also take screenshots of all devices simultaneously. In conjunction with or without a frame for the device. So many possibilities!Sizzy Deal Lifetime Exclusive Deal

Inspecting Element On All Devices And Sizes At Once

The process of inspecting devices one by one can be tedious So Sizzy has included the Universal Inspect Element which allows you to examine every device at the same time. Nice, right?

Realistic Devices And Device Simulation, Fully Customizable

Sizzy provides the most precise device simulation. It mimics the frame of the device and the UI of the browser and OS and lets you totally customize everything.Sizzy Deal Lifetime Exclusive Deal

Design And Edit Directly From The Browser

Turn on the Design Mode plugin and easily modify the content of your website, straight via Sizzy. Sizzy browser.

Used By The Fastest Growing Companies Across The GlobeSizzy Deal Lifetime Exclusive Deal

What Our Users Say About SizzySizzy Deal Lifetime Exclusive Deal

Sizzy Lifetime Deal (3 Devices)

  • Lifetime Access to Sizzy
  • Powerful Browser for Developers
  • Compatible with macOS, Windows, and Linux
  • Speed up website development
  • License to 3 devices/seats
  • Switch devices and switch them at any time
  • Every feature is included
  • Universal Inspect Element
  • Realistic Devices
  • Screenshot Automation
  • Touch Cursor Simulation
  • Simulate Network Condition
  • Simulate color scheme
  • Presets
  • Ideal for A/B testing
  • Manage cache & cookies
  • View Simulation: Responsive, Photo, Focus, Full, Float & Zen
  • Page Navigator Plugin
  • Navigate to Selector Plugin
  • Google Fonts Plugin
  • Page Navigator Plugin
  • Design Mode to Edit Live Websites
  • Debug Styles
  • Email support
  • All updates to come will be included.
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • It is required to redeem the code(s) in the first 60 days from the date of purchase.

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