Speechnow(TM) is the platform that lets users record voices or audio versions of their content for YouTube videos, Facebook ads, Instagram posts, and much more in only two steps.

Create Voice Recordings Or Audio Versions Of Content For YouTube, Facebook, & More In A Few Steps!

Text to speech allows brands to offer a more enhanced user experience, while also reducing cost. Speechnow(tm) allows you to make voice recordings and audio versions of content such as YouTube videos and Facebook ads Instagram post, Instagram posts and many more with only two steps. All you need to do is enter text, select voice and the language, and then sit back and wait for the file to be recorded. It’s that simple! Make great voiceovers that tell the true story of your brand using Speechnow(TM).

Key Features

  • AI speech-to-text. Brings static content like eBooks or PDFs documents to life
  • Live-like. Choose from 800+ languages and voices
  • Simple to operate. Converts text to speech in a couple of steps
  • Any video-making program. Works with Mac iMovie, Lumen, Avid Pro Tools, Ableton, Camtasia and more.
  • Simple export. Exports audio files in WAV, MP3, OGG, WEB3 formats.


Text to add simply add the text you wish to Speechnow , and it will transform into AI speech!

Select Your Voice and Language Speechnow has an enormous selection of languages and voices. Over 800!

Make Your Own File When you’re pleased with your voice and quality of your reading, you can export your file as OGG, MP3, WAV or WEBM formats!

Every one of the Speechnow AI Voices are completely free of copyright This means that you can make use of them however you like for as long as you want!

True To Life AI SpeechSpeechnow

Record voice recordings for Youtube videos, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Posts, or even create audio versions of your content in only three steps!

Choose Your Voice & LanguageSpeechnow


Text to speech allows brands to offer a more enhanced experience for the end-user, while also reducing expenses. You can develop services for visitors to your website and mobile app users online consumers, learners, or subscribers text to speech enables you to cater to the various needs and wants of every user with regard to the way they use your products, services such as apps devices, content, and.


Easy to Use. Great Options. Wonderful Software. I’m going to use this often and recommend it to my friends too.

Harvey Jackson

It’s an excellent value, simple to use and it works quite well. There are a lot of options for voice and languages. I’m looking forward to testing some with non-English speakers.

Zachery Smith

Excellent AI Text to Speech service to anyone who requires this kind of capability and converts texts into audio recordings to be used on YouTube or other platforms.

Ikbal Rabah

Fantastic software! At this price, there is there is no other choice… The voices created by the software sound extremely natural. This is a huge relief when working.

Franz Bachinger

Great Interface and Artificial Intelligence Engine. I’m going to use this to create my YouTube videos and the future projects. SpeechNow is among the top choices.

Teerapan Thongampai

Speechnow – Lifetime Subscription

  • Lifetime Professional Plan
  • 1 Million Characters Per Month
  • Access to All Standard Voices
  • Access to All Neural Voices
  • Access to All Standard Voice Effects
  • Access to All Neural Voice Effects
  • Unlimited Audio File creation
  • Support and Updates are Included
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • The customer must use the code(s) in the first 60 days from the date of purchase.


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How Can I Activate The Deal?

When you have purchased, you will receive a unique activation code that you will receive in your email. Follow the directions in the email, and your deal will be activated!

What If I’m Not 100% Satisfied?

We provide a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee. Simply contact us and we’ll be sure that you receive your refund within the shortest period of time.

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