Watch Your Product Through the Lens of Your Users – Each and every user action is video recorded by WatchThemLive so you can see what they experience for real.

Watch them. Live, you can watch live TV without ever having to leave your living room! Simply sign in and get up-to-the-minute information on what’s happening on your favorite networks and shows. Plus, there are a variety of other benefits, like notifications when your favorite content airs, live streaming of events, & more.

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The Ultimate Tool To Help You Understand Visitor Intentions

Your product is first elegant, however, for some motive, your internet site isn’t converting. Don’t waste money and time on split checks, traffic, or wishing wells due to the fact you’re all out of ideas. What you want is a way to watch how users navigate your website so that you can see what they do, where they click, and why they depart. Once you apprehend that, it’ll be an entire lot simpler to boost conversion charges.

watch them. Live, is a personal tracking device designed that will help you understand how traffic navigates your web page so you can make information-sponsored selections that boost your income. watch them. Live is like X-Ray imaginative and prescient for conversion fee optimization.

Your Visitors Deserve A Bug-Free Experience

Once you’ve been given watch them. Live installation on your internet site, you can see how users interact with your internet pages thru actual-time video playbacks. It’s like in case you were standing over their shoulder looking at their every flow, but lots less stocker-ish.

And with those recordings, you have got the opportunity to identify insects, see capabilities in your website that may inflict a high leap fee, and catch any UX issues you didn’t word yourself.

And beyond just looking at anonymous users navigating thru net pages, you furthermore may get admission to the in-intensity analysis of your website visitors so you get higher expertise of your target market. Through the Visitors and Sessions dashboard, you may locate records like which your site visitors are from, what device they’re the use of, and watch replays specific to every person. Give your advertising group gets right of entry to these facts, and your marketing overall performance ought to skyrocket 🚀 to the moon such as you’ve in no way seen before.

  • We Build Your Eagle Eyes – Visually recognize how users are absolutely experiencing your website without drowning in numbers.
  • We Show You The Map – Visually show your customer’s clicks, faucets, and scrolling conduct and recognize what customers need and care approximately.
  • Your Data is Safe with Us – Because of your information topics, we by no means sell your records and you are in full control of them. You can delete it at any time!


HEATMAPS – Visual clues to show visitors’ engagement on each and each page. Watch hotspots on any pages with Heatmaps.

SESSION RECORDING – Watch the actual-time video playbacks of your customers’ or site visitors’ journey at some point of the website. Watch their activities as in case you are sitting next to them.

DEEP ANALYTICS – Simple analytics however deep insights; only cognizance on what subjects. Google Analytics simplified.

SALES FUNNELS – Quickly spot which page is inflicting traffic to drop off. Build goals and music them.

Watch What Our Users Say About Us

Why You Should Use watch them. Live?

  1. BOOST CONVERSION – Our comprehensive set of tools is carefully designed to help you convert each vacationer into a client.
  2. DISCOVER DROP-OFFS – Find out exactly why your visitors leave your internet site unsatisfied and connect the trouble quickly.
  3. OPTIMIZE UX/UI – Design beautiful and ideal UX/UI that your visitors locate effective and consumer-friendly.
  4. FIND BUGS – Find glitches, bugs, U-turns, click on rages, and any person rages early on and fix it to prevent destiny troubles.
  5. USER BEHAVIOR – See why customers abandon CTAs such as checkouts, signups, completing a movement, filling bureaucracy, or popups.
  6. BE CONSISTENT – Watch how your platform performs on all sorts of devices, resolutions, browsers, languages, locations, and more.

Who Loves Using watch them. Live?

  • DIGITAL MARKETERS​ – Market a product that works for clients. Watch to analyze current customers’ conduct and improve the product for them. Build funnels and find any dropoffs and reasons at the back of abandoning carts.
  • PRODUCT MANAGERS – Offer the goods that visitors cannot withstand.
  • UX/UI DESIGNERS – Make your net design ideal by constantly optimizing it until it makes sense to users. Start Fixing Bugs for FREE
  • ANALYSTS – Analyzing records has in no way been easier than now. Watching the recorded videos of your users together with granular information on their gadgets, browsers,… offers you fine insights.
  • DEVELOPERS – Build websites and platforms that visitors cannot resist. Glitch Free. Prevent frozen pages and too much loss early on.​

Original price was: $1,996.00.Current price is: $249.00.

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